Is falling out of love possible or will I merely be suppressing my desires


Is it possible to fall out of love with meat? I just finished watching the video “Farm to Fridge” on this website only to find myself eating samgyupsal (grilled pork belly) for dinner a couple hours after watching the video. Am I sick?

The problem is, I wish I could be vegan but I don’t know how to give up meat.

I attempted becoming vegetarian once before.. years ago especially after watching ‘Earthlings’ but I didn’t even last a week.

I found myself
1. Craving meat
2. Being socially isolated because everything is centered around eating.  And unfortunately you (as in I) become the rude, picky, and snobbish one in the group.
3. NO more taco carne asada, korean bbq, mcdonalds (yes I love mcdonalds), donairs, the list goes on and on.  I remember we had a church BBQ one day not too long after deciding that I wanted to become vegetarian but as soon I smelled the patties cooking it was game over. I decided to screw the poor animals! screw my health! screw the environment! and have a real hamburger!

So why on earth am I doing this?

Personally, it’s less about the animal cruelty for me.. although I agree it is just straight up inhumane and unbelievable how horrible the animals are treated in the factory farms and it is really disturbing watching those videos.  However I’m sorry if this offends anyone but I just want to be honest in this space…animal cruelty alone probably wouldn’t have done it for me…to try and give up meat. I know that’s awful but I guess I haven’t really grown up feeling connected to nature. Plus years and years of meat eating taste buds don’t just go away. It’s going to take a lot to undo. I’d rather eat a delicious In-n-Out burger in an air-conditioned space than eat a quinoa salad outside feeling connected to nature..

I am that person. And I think a lot of us are that person. But I have decided to take up the 30 day vegan challenge in January 2013.

A. Because I know I am bound to fail if I try to start this now going into the christmas season. (just trying to set myself up for success ^^)

B. I need to mentally prepare myself, do some research and have a bunch of recipes ready to go.

C. As much as I love meat I also know how incredibly bad it is for your health and I believe that we are to look after our body and the gift of life that has been given to us. Many people including experts/professionals claim that our diseases come from the way we think, eat, live, and deal with stress. I totally agree.

Anyways for more information on the 30 day challenge


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