hoorah for support

Yay so one of my friends decided to join me in my 30 day vegan challenge starting January 1, 2013.

We started looking up some recipes and restaurants together and we made a variation of this recipe the other day because avocados are amazing!


I also took my husband to Foundation, a vegetarian restaurant on main street the other day. And he enjoyed the flavours and the food but he always seems to mention how he doesn’t really feel full after eating a vegetarian meal. I kinda know what he means. But Foundation is amazing. They have great tasty food and I absolutely love their nachos and sangria.

I am actually getting somewhat excited to do this.

One of the next vegan recipes I would love to try.

Vegan California Rolls with Edamame Pâté



3 thoughts on “hoorah for support

    • Hey Mark, that is really encouraging to hear actually because I attempted going vegetarian and a weekend vegetarian before and failed miserably. I am hoping that going cold turkey might help and having a goal of 30 days might give me more motivation to complete and give me a sense of success if achieved. Perhaps it might get the ball rolling to change some eating habits afterwards at the very least.
      I am actually more hopeful than before and it is encouraging to see that there is a great community out there and people who are living with such awareness and care.
      Thanks for the resources on your site~ 🙂

      • After talking to lots of different people it seems the easiest way to do it is to
        1) Read as much as possible about nutrition
        2) Buy one of Isa Chandra’s cookbooks
        3) Jump right in


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