Vegan-the moral choice

More and more people are making the decision to go vegan or vegetarian for various reasons including our health, the environment, and compassion for animals.

And for all the Christians out there.. from a Christian perspective I believe there are multiple reasons why we ought to seriously consider the option.

Traditionally Christians have misconstrued the call in Genesis 1-2 as having dominion over creation.. to use creation for our own needs and desires however the hebrew word for dominion that is used in Genesis in actuality means “to steward and take responsibility for”.

So the call in Genesis to humanity is to look after, to steward, to take responsibility for creation and that includes the environment, the animals, the plants, etc. Caring for Earth then is a huge part of our human responsibility and that then should change our relationship with our earth.

When we hear things like.. factory farming is a larger contributer to global warming than all of ground transportation put together..
or.. Stopping the consumption of animal meat and dairy and increasing the intake of whole foods can prevent many degenerative diseases and even reverse many diseases including heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer…
or.. male chicks that aren’t needed for eggs are often thrown out or grinded alive for chicken meat…

It makes you do a double take. And unfortunately, despite how delicious meat and dairy is, you gotta wonder what we’re doing.

I understand that God gave Noah permission to eat meat AFTER the flood when there was no vegetation  left..however we need to understand how things were originally intended to be...In a harmonious relationship with God, people, and creation (earth & animals).

I will begin posting different reasons one at a time why going vegan is a moral, health, green, choice. As I post these reasons I hope to bring awareness to myself and others around me. 🙂


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