The Time is Approaching!

So it is almost the New Year and I am entering into a bit of a panic mode.

I’ve watched a ton of documentaries, read a bunch of stuff and just recently bought Kriss Carr’s book Crazy Sexy Diet. Well I ordered it on Amazon because it was cheaper that way  but I probably won’t be getting it until December 31st which is not going to give me enough time to prepare my meals so I also just bought it from chapters and got a gift receipt so I can return it once I get the one from Amazon..

Anyways, I’ve read the first 2 chapters so far and am loving it!

Kris Carr was diagnosed with a rare form of terminal cancer and basically changed her life by changing her diet and other parts of her lifestyle. She went to Hippocrates Health Institute and she basically lays out the essential parts to a diet that contributes to a body that will renew and repair itself and explains it all in layman’s terms. These essential parts include: a low-glycemic, vegan program that emphasizes balancing the pH of the body with lush whole and raw foods.


The only slight disappointment is I thought that the 21 day cleanse would lay out all of the meals but it does not. It has a sample week with all the recipes in the back (which I will be following for the first week of my challenge). Each day she gives you a focus, prayer, and affirmation which is kind of neat.

So this is what my first week will look like.

20121228_145057 (1)20121228_145137

Last night I cleaned out my fridge and cupboards of meat products, processed foods and refined crap. I ended up going on a bit of a binge last night trying to finish off some stuff so I didn’t have to throw everything out. I realized how little good food I actually have. My fridge is pretty much empty now. But it felt good to go through it all and organize all my cupboards and fridge.

I bought about half of the groceries so far for my first week. Mostly the dry ingredients and some veggies. But I will still have to do one more trip to get some fresh fruits and vegetables.

Three more nights until the big START DAY! YIKES!


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