Day 1 + 2

The challenge has begun! And so far I am doing alright! I have been eating more often and drinking a lot more water.

Yesterday was my first day and because I had to go to work super early  I started the day with a glass of lemon water and some herbal tea. Then when I got to work I had some gluten free toast with some almond butter and snow peas.


For lunch I made myself some guacamole. Btw I heart guacamole. I could eat it all day long.


For dinner we had a New Years family thing. I ended up eating a lot of kimchi and some other korean veggie dishes. 🙂

TOday I started the day with some



No that is not meat.. it’s tofurky! I bought a couple different transition foods like tofurky incase I go through meat withdrawal.

Then a couple hours later I had some rice crackers with almond butter as a snack.

Then had some brown rice with some leftover korean veggie dishes for lunch.

And for dinner I am making vegan chili!

A couple days ago I made this thai peanut veggie dish and I did not enjoy it. I followed a recipe from this book and the sauce was just….bad! Super salty and no matter what I did to it I could not make it taste good. Also I ate the veggies pretty much raw because when you cook veggies you lose a lot of the nutrients and enzymes. The rule of thumb for cooking your veggies is this: As long as you can touch your veggies it’s okay. But if your finger can’t handle the heat neither can the vegetables. So that’s exactly what I did. It was pretty much the same thing as eating raw vegetables. I must was difficult. I am not used to eating a lot of straight up vegetables.




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