Day 3

It is the end of Day 3..well it’s actually past midnight so start of day 4..

Although I am spending a lot more time planning my foods I haven’t eaten out yet. Actually I had a smoothie from the juicer/cafe station at Whole foods. So many choices and sooooo delish! The Carribean Dream is to die for! I need a juicer!!!!! I really want a Hurom slow juicer!  Or a vitamix blender! WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE WHEN I BECOME RICH?!

Well, it’s actually been a lot of fun so far. Especially because there are so many resources and Kriss Carr is definitely keeping me motivated by explaining how foods nourish and heal our bodies. She keeps pushing my boundaries. Not only have I gone vegan..I’m avoiding refined crap and I haven’t had any coffee yet. The thing is I am finding myself motivated to eat responsibly in a way that respects my body, others, and the earth..and there hasn’t been a whole lot of desire to eat all the other crap…so far anyways.

This morning after I got home from a nightshift I went to bed and upon wakening I was craving something fresh! I made an avocado tomato salad and then had another serving after this plate with some rice cake and almond butter.


Then I went to whole foods with Judy and had my wonderful green smoothie. Super refreshing. Feeling thirsty just thinkin about it.

And for dinner I made this recipe.

This is the soup. I added some arugula.


And then garnished with a lot of cilantro, avocados, tomatoes and lime juice!
It may look weird seeing all those ingredients together but it tastes great!


BUT after dinner I was craving carne asada fries..dun dun dun….. fries topped with guacamole, sour cream, and cheese. It is absolutely heavenly. So instead I baked some kale!

Who knew that this day would come!! The day I made chips out of kale!

BUT IT TASTES FANTASTIC! I used black kale. sprinkled some olive oil. and sea salt. a bit of smoked paprika.and then some crushed almonds. then into the oven it goes for about 10 minutes! And ding! you’ve got kale chips!


Judy and I gobbled it all up.

And for dessert I treated myself to a piece of dark chocolate and a couple raspberries. mmmm


4 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. ansolutely. I’m not generally a fan of kale, but I buy a whole bunch and look at it as a replacement for deep fried crunchy food because I bake the whole bunch into chips!

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