Day 9 Light and Empty?

It is Day 9 and I have been trying some new foods as well as eating a lot of leftover food that I made in large amounts last week.

Some good and some bad. But learning what kind of stuff I like.

Overall my energy has increased as well as the number of times I eat in a day however there is constantly a lingering feeling of “lightness” that makes me feel like I am constantly hungry. I wonder if it is because I think feeling full means to feel stuffed and heavy or whether I am actually not getting enough to eat. I don’t think it’s the latter because I have been eating way more regular than I ever have. I wonder if I just need to get used to this general feeling of lightness.


I made spaghetti the other day and I used tofu noodles to make it an even healthier meal. BUT IT WAS DISGUSTING! I really did not like the tofu noodles. They were as thin as ramyun noodles but softer. Kinda like baby food… I did not enjoy the texture. So I tried mixing it into the sauce but that did not help… In fact.. I wasn’t able to use the sauce for regular pasta. 😦

So I ate it.

IMG_20130108_175554 (1)

But I did try making the “I am loved Nori Rolls” mentioned in Kriss Carr’s book, “Crazy Sexy Diet” and they were delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed them.

photo 3 (20)photo 2 (14)

I did make a few changes though. I added some brown rice vinegar to the rice which adds a lot more flavour. And in half of them I used tahini sauce in the roll and the other half I used the miso sauce from the Naam. It was yummy. And of course brown rice is the way to go!

photo 1 (18)

I gobbled it all up and then I made more…a lot more.


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