Vegan food can be wonderful~~ <3

IMG_20130112_141644 IMG_20130112_141709 IMG_20130112_144220 IMG_20130111_162816

Today I went to Aphrodites Cafe and Pie Shop in Kits. And boy oh boy when I stepped in the aroma of food just filled my nostrils and I could not stop salivating.

It was a bit over my price range though.. however I thought it would be okay to treat myself since I never go out to eat anymore! And it was nice chillin with the girls on this freezing but gorgeous day.

I got the shiitake mushroom vegan burger (can’t remember the exact was a special) and it was super flavourful. It had a gigantic shiitake mushroom filled with beans, wild rice and more yum. The first two pictures are pictures of the vegan burger. Then we shared a gluten-free, vegan blackberry apple pie! Yes that is soy icecream! Today was a happy day.

The last picture is actually the sandwich-burger I made last night. I used tempeh, topped it with some vegan chili and some vegan cheese, onions, tomatos, some greens and some tahini sauce. I also added some miso gravy (the stuff from the Naam) on the potatoes. yum.

Today for dinner I made a huge bowl of korean vegetarian bibimbap with a side of miso soup. I wish I took a picture of it but I was so hungry I ended up gobbling it all up before I had a chance to take a beautiful picture. haha. Also my 6’3″ 270 pound brother came to the food disappeared instantly.


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