More Vegan Cooking

1. Tofu tacos

photo 1 (19)photo 3 (21)photo 2 (15)photo 4 (17)

2. My attempt at making chocolate vegan cake failed…turned out really shallow so I baked it more to make it into some kind of biscotti/cake.

photo 1 (20)

3. Sesame Almond Brown Rice Balls (stuffed with avocados! šŸ˜€ and great for lunch!) 4 (18)photo 5 (16)

4. Homemade vegetable soup with some leftover veggies, vegetable broth, seasoning, and some pasta noodles.


5. Documentary Night “Forks over Knives” Incredible documentary! šŸ™‚ found on American Netflix.
Food (vegan chili, vietnamese wraps, guacamole, tomato-cucumber salad)


process of making chili

IMG_20130119_152224Ā IMG_20130119_152946IMG_20130119_160240


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