Today marks the end of my vegan journey! I did it! I actually did it! Take that, you tempting piece of meat! yayyyy~

I mean there were a few hiccups here and there. There were ups and downs. But for the most part it was an educational experience. It definitely increased my repertoire in cooking without animal products and I have gained a lot more knowledge around foods, nutrients and the effects they have on our body.

I am not going to go fully vegan however I am going to continue to allow the principles behind veganism to guide my food decisions…just not as strict. I will continue to consume a higher content of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes. I will continue to consume Almond, Hemp, and Soy milk instead of cow’s milk.

My biggest weakness is cheese! I can think of so many recipes that would’ve tasted wayyy better if it just had some cheeeese.

Anyways here is a little update of some of my most recent meals. 

1. Chickpea Soup
(I made a variation of this recipe


2. Asian Noodles Salad (or stirfry..)
Variation of: http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2008/03/my_most_favorite_salad_ever_ever_ever_ever/

Mine didn’t look nearly as colorful as the one in the recipe link because I did not have all the ingredients. I just used what I had and then I wanted to eat it warm so I put the whole thing in my wok and it became kind of a noodle stir fry! ha

IMG_20130129_164613 IMG_20130129_164758

3. Instead of oatmeal for breakfast I made some quinoa cooked in almond milk. The almond milk added that natural sweet flavour so I did not have to add any sweetener. And then I added some blackberries.


4. Israeli Couscous

Took enough for myself, added some fresh avocados and stored the rest. Forgot to take a picture of my bowl with avocados.

*Remember to cook the couscous fully..I thought mine was completely cooked through but it wasn’t..and I got too excited and mixed it altogether. 😦


Yes there is a timbits box behind the big bowl of healthy food. I was making some timbit cakepops for my niece.


5. Tomato Cream Pasta

Cream.. GASP!
Actually the creamy taste comes from cashew nuts and pinenuts! And it hit the spot for me. I’ve been wanting something creamy~ mm



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