Some awesome vegetarian/veg-friendly restaurants to check out when in Vancouver

Some awesome vegetarian/veg-friendly restaurants to check out when in Vancouver:

1. Bandidas Taqueria
2781 Commercial Dr. (Kensington)
Daily: 9am-12am (Fri-Sat: till 1am)

Their STUFFED MUSHROOM (butternut squash, cheese, and garlic $6) is to dieeee for. Yes it has goat cheese and mozza cheese… but these are the moments I let myself go.

2. the Foundation!
2301 Main St. (Mount Pleasant)
Daily: 12pm-1am (Fri-Sat till 2am)

They have awesome sangria and nachos after 4pm~ mmm
And their meals are tasty and affordable. 🙂

3. Budgie’s burritos 
44 Kingsway (Mount Pleasant)
Daily: 11am-Midnight

Cute little hidden restaurant with some delish vegetarian & vegan burritos.

4. the Naam restaurant
2724 West 4th Ave. (Kitsilano)
Open 24hrs/day, 7 days a week

My first ever vegetarian restaurant while I was in school. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that vegetarian burgers can taste incredible!
Their Tempeh Reuben…oh my…marinated tempeh with melted cheese, grilled mushrooms, mustard, sauerkraut & grated beets on a whole wheat burger bun. makes me salivate just thinking of it.
Plus they’re open 24 hours so when you’re craving a midnight meal.. it’s perfect!

5. Aphrodite’s Organic Cafe & Pie Shop
3598 W 4th Ave, Vancouver
(604) 738-5879

Restaurant and pie shop. Their food is great and their pies are amazing. Even their vegan pies were outstanding. Everything was super tasty however I did find it a bit on the pricey side for a cafe.

A lot of these restaurants do use local organic ingredients and try to ensure as little ecological footprint as possible. Check it out.

For a longer list of vegetarian/vegan/veg-friendly restaurants check out:


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